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Professionally installed quality Laminate Floors

We have an extensive range of Laminate Flooring and we offer exceptional service, and quality Laminate Floors at competitive prices.

We do all types of laminate flooring including water resistant laminate.

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Laminate Flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring material. Laminate flooring is fused together with a lamination process. This type of flooring imitates the look of wood and in some cases stone with a photographic applique layer under its clear protective layer.

We offer a wide range of beautiful, high quality laminated flooring that will add a luxurious look.

The Advantages Of Laminate Floors

  • Installing laminate flooring is a snap – although we always recommended using an installing professional, fitting laminate flooring is easier than you might think. There is no need for special glues as the laminated flooring simply click together, saving you precious time.
  • Variety – from the luxurious German Kronoclik range, architect’s choice of Supreme laminated flooring to the beautiful Finfloor’s Black Forest variety; you are guaranteed to find the laminate flooring that will fit perfectly into your design.
  • Cleaning is easy – You do not need to worry about applying wax or other types of wood polish. All you need is a duster or vacuum followed by a damp mop or cloth.
  • Hypoallergenic – As laminated flooring is easy to clean and does not absorb pesky dust like carpets, people with allergies will benefit from installing laminated flooring.
  • Affordable – Laminated flooring costs the fraction of the price when compared to real wood. This affordability has led laminate flooring to become one of the most chosen materials for home and office use.

Our quality and affordable laminate flooring installation services include

  • Quality installation by experienced tradesmen
  • Removal and disposal of existing flooring
  • Installation of laminate skirting and trims
  • Screeding where neccessary
  • A 12 month workmanship guarantee
  • Underfloor heating installations and more!

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